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Flyers|Folded flyers

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Design flyers online

Flyers are probably the most versatile print products ever. Whether as an advertising flyer, invitation flyer or product information sheet, the folding flyer is available in different versions for very different purposes. With Easyprint you can design your own flyers online and let us print them for you.

What would an exhibition be without a flyer that draws attention to it in advance? How many visitors would come to your concert if no flyers were distributed beforehand? And how many customers for your product would you be able to reach without flyers? You see, as an entrepreneur, artist or business owner you simply cannot underestimate the value of a flyer for advertising your business or event. If you have always hesitated to print a flyer because it was too complicated for you, think again! Now you can use Easyprint. With our FreeDesign tool you can easily design your own flyers online in no time, and without any previous knowledge or special software too. The Freedesign tools are completely free of charge, you just pay for the print. It's that easy!

Designing online flyers starts with format selection

With Easyprint you have different sizes to choose from for flyer printing in portrait or landscape format. If you want to send your advertising flyers or use folding flyers for wedding invitations sent by post, flyers in DL are the perfect choice. The format measures 105 x 210 and fits perfectly into standard long envelopes.

A5 flyers in 148 x 210 millimetres are very handy. They can, for example, be used for distribution on the street. Just like the large flyers in A4, these folded flyers are ideal for inserts in menu cards or also for inserts in shipping cartons.

Regardless of the format, you can design up to six pages of your flyers online. By the way, folded flyer means that the paper is first printed as a whole and then folded depending on your selection. But don't worry about the fold. The FreeDesign tool shows you what to look out for when creating your print designs.

Create your own folding flyer for any occasion with ease

Our FreeDesign tool is very easy to use. You don't need any special prior knowledge and can start right away. Get inspiration for your flyer design with a variety of designs! We have clearly arranged the appealing design templates for you. All you have to do is select the desired layout. The design tool automatically adjusts your selection to the selected flyer format. To spice up the flyers, you can also choose from many free photos on topics such as "office and administration" or "leisure and fitness". Of course these graphics can also be combined with your own graphics. Just try it out. The tool is completely free!

Give your flyers the finishing touch

We print your self-designed flyers on four different papers with many different options, because these papers are available in many different variations and thicknesses from 135 to 400 gsm. You simply decide and click on the desired paper in the configurator.

Premium cardboard or standard cardboard, for example, is ideal for more robust flyers. If the budget is rather limited and you want to print flyers with many pictures in large quantities anyway, classic coated art paper is a good choice. You can choose between matt or glossy at Easyprint and four different thicknesses!