Learn how to make a Birthday card for a child!

So fun and easy-peasy!

A birthday celebration is something unique. It is also the perfect moment to tell someone we love her or him and to show how much we think about this person!

Therefore, why sending birthday cards we can find at any store? Why not creating your own birthday card, with your own message, design and anything else to celebrate this person so dear to your heart?

Today, we would like to show you how to create a beautiful birthday card for a child, thanks to this FreeDesign tutorial!

Create your personalised Birthday cards with Easyprint

A little tip: take wonderful photos of a child’s birthday party by following this article!

First of all, start by opening the FreeDesign tool and select the “postcard” product.

The size we’ve selected is 105 x 148 mm, landscape orientation.

Once this is done, you should arrive on our FreeDesign tool’s main page where you can see a picture of the postcard. This latter is blank except for the text in black. Click on each of them and then click on the little bin icon, top right of each cell.

Now, you have a perfectly blank postcard. It is time for us to create a background for it!

You can choose any background you’d like. For this example, we just assumed we’re creating a birthday card for a little girl that loves anything pink! However, there are so many colours and images for you to choose from in our FreeDesign tool you can literally add whichever background you’d like!

Go to Photos – Backgrounds – Classics. Choose the ribbed, pink background.

The picture of the background is not up to scale with your postcard. Click on the two arrows icon, bottom right of the background and stretch it until it fills the card. Be careful to not lose the resolution: the little green square should never be red! It means the image cannot go wider and will appear quite blurry when printed!

Go to Photos – Cliparts – Birthday.

Select this lovely picture:

Then go back to Photos – Cliparts – Birthday and select a few flag designs that you will be placing just above the main “Happy Birthday” drawing! You can add as many as you like and whoever one you’d like too!

Here’s what it looks like:

Now, we want to design the other side of our birthday card. To do so, click on the “Page 1 of 2” arrow on the right.

As done before, delete all the text cells so that your birthday card is now completely blank.

For the background, here’s how we’re going to proceed…

Click on the button showing a rectangular sheet and an arrow inside. The window that opens is that of the background colours. Choose this warm and nice pink you can see in our example here:

Then, go to Photos – Cliparts – Love.

Select the little scrapbooking heart and place it like in this picture:

Tip: be careful to not go over the bleed edge of your birthday card! It will be shown by a red frame as an indicator.

Click on the “ABC” button. This will make a new cell with the word “text” written in it appear.

Click on the cell and make it bigger by using the double arrow from the beginning of this tutorial, when we were making the background fit the birthday card. Then double-click into the cell and start writing your message once you see the flickering bar.

We’ve chosen the font called “Brush script” in size 23. To select your font, simply click on the button called “DIN” and to change the size, click on the button with a number inside it – or simply use the double arrows icon on your text cell.

Now, if you want to change the colour of your text, simply click on the button with a brush inside. This will open yet another window with a large selection of colour. Our text will be white.

Here’s the final result for the back of our birthday card:

This way, you also have loads of space to write on the printed birthday card!

So now, can you see? It’s easy-peasy to create your own birthday card and make your loved ones happy! Loved this tutorial? Then why not start creating your own birthday card here:

Create your personalised Birthday cards with Easyprint

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