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A company calendar is a simple and efficient instrument with a double function: remembering our important meetings and deadlines and being a key marketing object to promote our own business.

Giving out as a present a customized company calendar in an event, such as an opening, or just with the New Year, is the perfect way to get or stay in touch with our clients’ offices. That way, we’ll offer them companion every day, remembering the products and services we’re able to offer. With low investment it’s possible to advertise our own company for 365 days!

One of the greatest advantages of the promotional calendars is the easy way in which we can personalize it. With Easyprint it’s possible to create the design we want for our calendar online!

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Different types

There are several types of calendars: for walls, desks, wallet, planner, poster… We should think how our calendar would fit in our clients’ offices and choose the format that suits us the best!

Desk calendar

Desk calendar designed by Paula Ayres© Paula Ayres

Wall calendar

Wall calendar designed by YulyaPlotnik© Yulya Plotnik

Poster calendar

Poster calendar designed by Rupinder Singh© Rupinder Singh

For instance, a planner calendar would be set on the desk and will have a classic style to allow people to write on it their ideas and tasks. It would be the post-it substitute and it would convey the idea of functionality and practicality.

A poster calendar will have an appealing typo and a representative image. The objective should be highlighting the purpose of the creative activity: a hairdresser, florist, tailor…

Logo and contact

Those two elements should always be visible and available. It’s advisable to position them on the upper part of the calendar and on every single page, so the client would have our contact details the whole year.


Photos and calendars are two objects that we often find together on the walls inside a house, an office or a waiting room. So, why don’t we use the best of both? Now you can order photocalendars from us!

We can design our calendar with photos of our products including a photo of our staff. In that way, we’ll tell the client we’re always available!

If, on the contrary, we choose a scenographic or decoration calendar, for example a poster or wall calendar, we should choose a topic that would suit for twelve months.

Be careful and match the photo with the period of the year: if we’re choosing a topic linked to the nature, we’ll use yellow leaves in autumn and sunflowers in summer.

Designed by Tomek Kowalik
Designed by Tomek Kowalik


When we see a picture, a photo or a road signal the colour is the first element that stays in the memory of the observer. For this reason, we must characterize the calendar with our company colours (logo, signboard, website…) so the gadget is linked straight away with our activity.

If we’ve chosen a calendar with a white background, we can use our company colours for the typo, highlighting the weekdays and the numbers.

Otherwise, we can play with the tones and use the colours as a background. In both cases we have to be very careful with the contrast between the background and the writing, so it’s legible.


We can include in some sentences in our calendar that can remind our customers of our activity, so we highlight their needs. We can also quote our services, products or characteristics.


The calendar is an item that, because of its nature, attracts the attention one or several times every day, so we can create a daily direct contact with the one that owns it. We can add to our gadget a chalk or a marker so we invite the client to write on it. These are some examples that are worth having a look:

Jumping Point Calendar
Jumping Point Calendar designed by Michael Domberger
Bubble CalendarBubble Calendar, designed by Bubble Calendar LLC

You can have a look at more interesting calendars on our Pinterest profile. Have a look!

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