Create your own Paper bag!

Photoshop and FreeDesign tutorial

A Paper bag is a very good way to spread a company’s information around the world. In general, a logo or a product are usually printed on one side of the bag. However, other pictures are perfectly possible. You can give a paper bag effect with a specific texture then adding a large sticker or you can make sure the bag’s handles blend into the design. So many possibilities that we would like to show you today for you to feel inspired to create your own designs!

Create your own Paper bag with Easyprint!

Tip #1 : Create a proper design

With Easyprint, you can order your Paper bag in four different formats. Moreover, you have the choice between black or orange handles. When creating your bag, make sure the small surfaces represent the sides. They have been coloured to show you the difference.


In order to clearly show where these green pages are, we’ve created a graphic that symbolises the pocket. Here are the two sides and the two parts front and back of the bag. On these two parts, you can print a logo or information about your company or store.



Tip #2: Surface with a retro paper feel

Not only can you fill the surfaces with any colour you want, you can also create your own textures. Here, what we want to reproduce is a texture that will look like a retro paper, a bit like cardboard. You can create such a texture yourself whilst browsing through this article and its websites or by simply taking the textures available in our FreeDesign tool. Here we’ve selected the pages with the rectangle tool and made them a little bit darker by going to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast.



Once our texture is applied, we can now add a large sticker at the center. This will give a retro effect and can be quickly done via Photoshop: Just use the pencil tool and select the white colour as a background colour. In the tool bar, write shape instead of pixel or channel. Once your shape is created, click and drag your design on the page, like in the example below:

Tip: Sometimes, it happens that Photoshop wants to create a curve right after the one it already made. In that case, press and hold Alt.



To copy the other side, use the Crtl + J keys. Then Edit > Transform > Horizontal. This way, the copy will be automatically aligned to the original. Use the Hand tool or the directional keys to help you move your shape.

In order to add more depth to the white zone, we’ve activated some styles for our layers. To begin with, a 1 pixel frame, position: outside, filling method: Normal and opacity: 100%. This way, the colour is nearly grey. Another frame can increase the size by 10 pixels et the colour becomes white.

We can add a brightness effect outside with the filling method: Normal, opacity: 100%, colour: dark grey, overcompression; 90% et size 11 pixels. Even a shadow can create a cool effect on the frame by using a fusion mode: Normal, colour: white, opacity: 100%, Space: 0, Fill: 90% and size 20 pixels.


Upload your own design with our FreeDesign tool and then you can start! You do not want to create the sticker yourself and wish to browse our database? No problem! Through our FreeDesign tool, you will have plenty of stickers and images to choose from!

Tip #3, inspiration: Add the handles

Merge the handles to your design for a funny and subtle effect. Imagine that these latter can be jumping ropes or, as in our example, handles are used to tie shoes up. Here imagination knows no boundaries.


Let your imagination flow and create your own Paper bags ! With Easyprint, this printing product est very economic and also available starting from 1 piece!

Create your own Paper bag with Easyprint!

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Create your own Paper bag!

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